Data PlatformDescription
EuroStatCountry level statistics for EU countries.
Open power system dataA free-of-charge data platform dedicated to electricity system researchers.
ENTSO-E Transparency PlatformThe platform contains electricity generation, transportation, consumption data and information for the pan-European market. (Registration (free) needed for downloads.)
Global Wind AtlasHigh-resolution GIS data on wind power.
Global Solar AtlasHigh-resolution GIS data on solar power.
EUTLDetailed transaction data for all establishments under the EU emissions trading system (EU-ETS). Include all phases of the EU-ETS.
Global power plants databaseA comprehensive, open-source database of power plants around the world.
China Emission Accounts & Datasets (CEADS)CEADs provides the latest Energy and CO2 emission inventories for China and its 30 provinces and cities
China city-level emission-socioeconomic inventory, 2010This data includes emissions inventories for 182 Chinese cities. The inventories are constructed using 17 fossil fuels and 47 socioeconomic sectors. These city-level emissions inventories have a scope and format consistent with China’s national/provincial inventories. Some socioeconomic data of the cities, such as GDP, population, industrial structures, are included in the datasets as well. 
China Power Industry DataMonthly electricity consumption and capacity data in China from 2010 onwards.